2019 Bollinger B1 Luxury Electric Truck for Work and Play

Tuesday, October 17th 2017. 2019 Cars
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2019 Bollinger B1 Luxury Electric Truck for Work and Play – Have you heard about Bollinger? If you feel strange with this car brands, you cannot be called as a true car lover. Although this car brand is not as famous as Ford or else, Bollinger produces many cars with the best quality. At this time, Bollinger has prepared something great for the upcoming year. The car brand will launch an electric SUV truck. It is amazing that Bollinger often produces high-quality electric cars. The shape of this new car will be square but it looks so fresh and stylish. The materials that are used for the body structure of this car are also better than the previous cars. For the interior, there will be dashing design and cool features development. The name of this new project is New Bollinger B1.

2019 Bollinger B1 Exterior Design

2019 Bollinger B1 Exterior Design, image: topspeed.com

2019 Bollinger B1 under the Hood

The engine of this car brand is unique. Since it is an electric car, Bollinger B1 will use the battery as the power. This new car will have two options of battery packs. It will be 60 kWh and 100 kWh. These batteries can be charged by using a J1772 universal adaptor. For the engine performance, this car has 360 hp and 472 pound-ft of torque. It can reach up to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The top speed of this car is 127 mph. For the energy, it comes from two electric motors. There will be a 4wd system with 6.600 pounds and Gvwr system with 10.001 pounds. Then, the battery, motors, and connector are watertight. It can survive for 30 minutes under 3.3 ft of water.

2019 Bollinger B1 Charge Port for Power

2019 Bollinger B1 Charge Port for Power, image: trucks.com

2019 Bollinger B1 outside Look

The exterior of this car is interesting. The shape will be square and it looks so muscular with the army color. Also, the material of the exterior stuff will be heavy-duty aluminum. The combination of the design and the best material will make Bollinger B1 appear as an elegant and excellent SUV ever. There will be unique LED headlights on the front. Also, it has steel front bumper. For the vents, this car will have HVAC system. In the back, we can see that there is a tailgate fold with the type of pickup. It causes this car to be possible to use as a single-cab pickup or a normal car.

2019 Bollinger B1 Square Body Shape

2019 Bollinger B1 Square Body Shape, image: cnet.com

2019 Bollinger B1 inside Spy Shot

The interior look of this car is not that special. There will be not many improvements. The style of the interior design for Bollinger B1 is vintage and old. It will make the inside look of this car can be more classic than the previous cars. Also, there will be a metal dash in this car. Bollinger also provides the digital readout for monitoring. Also, it is possible for us to enjoy the fresh air inside if we make this car as an open-top SUV.

2019 Bollinger B1 Interior Design in Black

2019 Bollinger B1 Interior Design in Black, image: slashgear.com

2019 Bollinger B1 Launching and Pricing

This new project of Bollinger will come out around early 2019. It will be February if it is not postponed. For the price, the cost prediction for this SUV from Bollinger may be $60.000 up to $70.000. If you need another reference to cars, you may see 2019 Bentley Continental.

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2019 Bollinger B1 Luxury Electric Truck for Work and Play