2018 Honda CRV Exterior, Interior, Specs, and Release Date

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2018 Honda CRV LX Side Model redesign New Wheels

2018 Honda CRV Exterior, Interior, Specs, and Release Date – CRV is one of the favorite type of Honda’s product. To welcome the 2018 season, here Honda prepares 2018 Honda CRV, which will be the serious competitor for excellent car. Honda always provides great product with high performance, so people don’t need to ask about its quality. New CRV will come with some changes in its body, interior and engine specs. Here we will share some nice upgrades, which can be the consideration before adding it in new wish list.

2018 Honda CRV Exterior

Modern concept becomes the base theme of CRV’s exterior. The body uses full carbon material. Now, it has lighter weight than the previous version. Overhaul change occur in its size. New CRV approves the larger body with sportier look. The grille of the car is larger and the bumper is bigger, which provide stronger look. Front car is excellent and beautiful by the stylish headlights with blue accent. New model has same MPV component as the predecessor. For the colors, we still have no official information but we predict that it will come with several color options with more metallic look. Get info for 2018 Toyota Tundra. 

2018 Honda CRV Interior

2018 Honda CRV LX Interior and Multimedia

The interior of car comes with the new concept. It has three row-seats and the maximal capacity of it is seven passengers. Passenger will be comfort in their journey by the use of high quality seat and larger space each row. Besides, front interior has significant update. Now, there is 8-inch LCD touchscreen to display some major entertainment features of CRV with brighter look. In other hand, some features like air conditioner, handle drive, drive pedals, safety features and others get some changes for better look and performance. There is also new parking features to make you are easy in finding the free spot when parking. Also open the pages for 2018 Subaru Impreza. 

2018 Honda CRV Specs

CRV will come with some options in its engine. Since there is a significant change in 2018 product, Honda declares that CRV will have hybrid engine in option. The hybrid engine will come with 2.5L V4 engine. There is still unclear detail about its power but it is assumed around 200 horsepower in maximal. Besides, the other option of engine comes with 4.0L V6 engine. It uses the turbocharged engine as the base technology. There is also no exact detail of this car. Based on some gossips, it will get 6-speed automatic transmission and the power of it is 400 horsepower. Something that public needs to know is whatever kind of CRV’s model, it has great level in fuel economy.

2018 Honda CRVPrice and Release Date

The official news of 2018 Honda CRV’s price and release date is still unavailable. We expect that New Honda CRV will come in the second quarter of 2017. As Honda’s tradition, they will show their new product in some auto contests. Public can check that agenda later. Then, as indicated by some leaked information and gossips, we expect that New CRV will be valued around $30,000. The different detail of car will influence its price.

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2018 Honda CRV Exterior, Interior, Specs, and Release Date